December 3, 2018

Good morning! I wanted to share a quick and easy build with you all this morning. This group of trees is one of the first projects I attempted with my miter saw. As it turns out it was a great first project because it is very forgiving. It is also an easy way to use up some of your scrap wood. 

Tools List:

Miter Saw


Materials List:

1 - 2x4x8 or any 2x4 scrap wood you have



First decide how many tre...

October 28, 2018

After we finished up our brick patio we had quite a few used 2x4s sitting around and I thought, how can I repurpose these? I needed a pair of sawhorses and if you have ever looked at them online, you know they can get pretty pricey. There is also the matter of storing them. They take up a lot of space, something we don't have a lot of around this fixer upper. After a few Google and Pinterest searches I didn't see exactly what...

August 31, 2018

I have a quick and easy step stool build for you guys today. You will need a saw, a drill, and a kreg jig. A kreg jig is a tool that helps you quickly and cleanly hide joining screws in corner joints. They make a variety of products, but the first one I purchased was this model. I chose the mid level Kreg because I needed the clamp too, and I wasn't quite ready to commit to the big guy. This tool is a lifesaver, I really don't...

August 27, 2018

I stumbled across Ana White plans on Pinterest an decided I wanted to build a buffet for the dining room. Having zero woodworking experience my husband kindly suggested that perhaps I should start with a bird house and see how it went. That's not really me, I didn't need a bird house and I was desperately trying to keep the crows out of my yard. I started out pretty simple and made a vegetable garden bed and a height ruler for...

August 12, 2018

Hello. The first home we ever purchased was brand new with builder grade construction. It was a home in a neighborhood of around 400 hundred houses. You know the place, everything was new and easy and under warranty. The finishes were granite and floors a veneer wood. It was a lovely home. We made a lot of wonderful memories in that house, to include bringing home our second born. My background is in commercial interior design...

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