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Notebook Tutorial

I thought I would share an easy way to make a notebook at home with any printable you design or purchase. I have included this exact design as a printable at the bottom of the post. Enjoy!

Materials List:

- Printable

- Printer

- Paper

- Paper cutter

- Cardboard backing or thick card stock

- Binder Clips

- Paint brush

- Modge Podge

I wanted to create a 96 page 3"x3" notepad, so I printed the attached printable 16 times.

Use a paper trimmer to quickly trim the squares to the correct size.

Decide what color order you want the notepad to be in and stack the cards accordingly.

Take a piece of thick card stock or a piece of chipboard and cut it to the same size as the notepad pages. Place the chipboard at the back of the stack for the base and clip the stack together with 2-3 binder clips keeping the top edge nice and even.

Paint the top edge, closest to the binder clips with several coats of modge podge, letting the coats dry between.

And there you have it, you made a notebook!

3_ polka dot template
Download PDF • 1.94MB


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