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Polka Dot Trees

Good morning! I wanted to share a quick and easy build with you all this morning. This group of trees is one of the first projects I attempted with my miter saw. As it turns out it was a great first project because it is very forgiving. It is also an easy way to use up some of your scrap wood.

Tools List:

Miter Saw


Materials List:

1 - 2x4x8 or any 2x4 scrap wood you have



First decide how many trees you would like to make and how tall you would like for them to be. The shortest tree I have is the front purple tree and it is 4-1/2", the tallest tree is the light green one in the back and it is 12". Cut your wood into various lengths creating however many trees you intend to make. There are 10 here, I do have a few more upstairs in the kids room too.

Next decide how wide you want the trees to be. For a few of the trees I found the midpoint at the top end of the wood and used the entire width of the the 2x4 for the tree.

Feel free to adjust the angle and bring the bottom edge in a half an inch or an inch on each side to create trees of various heights and widths.

Now here is the best part about these trees, and why they are a great way to test out your new miter saw, they are pretty fool proof. Lay the wood on your saw and adjust the angle.

Repeat with all of your pieces of wood, sand the rough edges and paint in a variety of colors or stains. I used the end of an art paint brush to go back and lightly add the white polka dots once the first coat of paint was dry.

I have used these trees everywhere, as a table centerpiece, on top of a book shelf, in the kids room. Happy building!

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