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Nesting Sawhorse

After we finished up our brick patio we had quite a few used 2x4s sitting around and I thought, how can I repurpose these? I needed a pair of sawhorses and if you have ever looked at them online, you know they can get pricey. There is also the matter of storing them. They take up a lot of space, something we don't have a lot of around this fixer upper. After a few Google and Pinterest searches I didn't see exactly what I was looking for and I decided I would try to make my own nesting sawhorses. The best part is that you only need 4 - 2x4's, so even if you don't have any old 2x4s lying around, you can make these for under $20!

I built these sawhorses to have an overall height of 30", if you would like yours higher or lower, simply adjust the cut leg height.

Tools List:

Circular/Miter Saw




Materials List:

4 - 2x4x8 (around $3 at your big box store)

2-1/2" Kreg-jig screws


Filler (optional)

Sealant (optional)

Cut List:

2 - 2x4 @ 36" for the top of the saw horse

8- 2x4 @ 29" at longest dimensions for the legs. Each end cut at a 10 degree angle in opposite directions (see picture below for a visual)

Once everything is cut, place your wood with the short angled cuts facing each other in a 'v' formation.Grab your Kreg Jig and drill two holes into one end of each leg of wood. Repeat with the other 4 pieces of wood.

Next take the top 36" piece of wood, with the straight end cuts, and attach one of the legs flush to the end of the 36" piece of wood.

Take another leg and place it in the opposite direction, flush against the first leg.

Repeat that process on the other end of the 36" top piece of wood. Flip it over and you have one sawhorse completed!

Repeat with the other 5 pieces of wood to make the second sawhorse. Sand the edges down and finish the wood if desired. I wasn't looking for anything fancy, so I left mine unfinished.

Now that you have a brand new set of sawhorses, it's time to start tackling the rest of the projects on your to-do list! Happy building!

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